(Refugee News Updates) Refugees Run Out of Food and Fuel in Sin Tat Maw

October 27, 2012
Reporting by Zarni

Refuees from Kyaut Phyu Fleeing Violence by Rakhines

At 10:45 AM

M-Media talked to a refugee from Kyaut Phyu who is now at Sin Tat Maw village, Sittwe.

“We are on the bank of Sin Tat Maw village in Sittwe. We left Kyat Phyu on October 22nd and we arrived here on October 25th. There are groups of people traveling separately. Now we have more than 3,500 refugees with us. There is no security forces to protect us here”.

Sin Tat Maw has 600 houses and local residents are helping the refugees arriving by boats.

A refugee told M-Media, “Sin Tat Maw itself relies on Sittwe and it is a poor village. Local residents are giving food to us, but they are running out of food”.

The refugee continues, “Other villages have threatened Sin Taw Maw for helping us. Villagers are afraid that they would be attacked as well. We already run out of fuel for our boats to leave Sin Tat Maw. Can nobody does anything to help us? We are sitting and waiting to die”.

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