Muslims in Yangon’s Thin Gan Gyune Threatened With Arson Attacks

October 29, 2012
Reporting by Aung Mung


Muslim residents in Yangon’s Thin Gan Gyune township have been threatened with arson attacks.

On October 28 at 10 PM, a car full of masked people was driving around an Islamic school, locally known as Hafiz Solaiman School, for four or five times.

When the residents came to the street to observe the situation, the group drove away towards Thuwanna township.

They screamed at three Muslims walking on the street that Muslim quarters will face arson. The Muslims were not able to identify the car because the number plate was remove.

Thin Gan Gyune township is the voting area of Thein Nyunt from New National Democratic Party. He is a member of Parliamentary Rule of Law Committee led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

Residents have reported the incident to Thein Nyut’s party this morning, but there has been no response from the party up to the time of this report at 2PM.


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