School Refusal : Muslim children from Paikthae Village in Minpyar

Dec 17,2012
Nay Thit Tun

A local resident said that Muslim Students in Minpyar Township, where the second wave of Rakhine-Rohingya conflict had occurred, were now educationally disadvantaged.

“Our village has about 220 students. They are in Grade 11 and 10.They can’t go to school after being terrorized,” a Rohingya Muslim from Paikthae Village said.

After the conflict between two ethnic groups, the Rohingya Students who live in Paikthae Village had not been allowed to attend the Basic Education High School of Minpyar Township where the majority of the dwellers are Rakhines.

“At the moment, rations are supplied by WFP, UNICEF and Islamic Religious Organizations. But Muslims whose houses were not destroyed have difficulties for food. Before this catalogue of riots, Villagers could earn from fishing, farming, vending and so on. But now no one are permitted to go to anywhere for security reason and hence our livelihoods are rather difficult,” a Paikthae Villager said.

Paikthae Village is located three eighth mile distant from MinpyarTownship and has 253 houses and 1351 population. During terrorist attacks occurred in Oct, the village was burnt by a mob of Rakhine Buddhist terrorists.

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