Two mosques demolished in Win Twin and Thae Taw

March 22 2013
M Media
Htun Tauk

It is reported that Mosques in Win Twin and Tae Daw are destroyed on 21st March 2013 at midnight by terrorist mob.

It is confirmed just now as the phone connections were cut out.

Yesterday on 21st, at about 12 in the midnight, a group of terrorists arrived to Win Twin Mosque and tear it down. Then, Tae Daw mosque is also annihilated.

In Win Twin, there is only one mosque which was built many generations ago and there is also only one mosque in Tae Taw. There are about 30 Muslim houses in Win Twin and some of them are destroyed.  Now, Muslims in these two towns are afraid and fled to secure places. Some of them are now in Police compound.

Win Twin is only one hour drive from Meikhtila. It is reported that locals and monks who dislike these terrorist acts which tarnish the image of Buddhism provide the security of the township. There are about 100 insurgents who involved in these terrorist actions. The locals said to M Media that they could not understand why the police can’t take necessary action while they know the ones who are behind these incidents very well.

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