Muslims’ Properties attacked in Hpakant

May 2, 2013
Reported by Thu Ta

Hpakant, Kachin

It was reported that Muslims’ houses and shops were destroyed by terrorists at about  2nd May 5.00 PM in Seng Tawng, Hpakant Township, Kachin State.

Muslims’ three houses attached to shops were invaded to be beaten and so, things in those were damaged. A local resident contacted to Myitkyinar to report this terrorist attack and a report from Myitkyinar stated that phone connections between Seng Tawng and Myintkyinar were cut off .

This Seng Tawng Mosque was also the very first one destroyed during attacks on mosques in the country in April, 2012.

Subsequent News about Terrorist Attacks on Muslims’ Properties in Seng Tawng

It was an interview about attacks on Muslims’ properties answered by a victim shopkeeper.

“Yes, I’m telling you about the occurrence of the attack. There is neither previous grudge nor spite. It is a sudden onset. Today afternoon, we are warned to close the shops by one by one, informing that Buddhists are mobbing in such…such ways as well as buying swords. At that time, we have not had any plan yet. We’re considering it is just a rumor. But, round about 3 to 4 P.M, one brother coming back from outside pushes us to close the shop urgently. Immediately after closing the main door of the shop, 20 to 30 people holding rods, swords and stones have arrived. So, I go outside and stay in the house beside it. My bros and sisters have left from the back door. A niece who had recently childbirth is sent to the house before ours. She has been moved just before the attack not to have shock. Then, I’ve just thinking about how should manage in case of attack. Meanwhile, the doors are started to be hit and stoned. These are hit to be in pieces. After attacking in this way for 20 minutes, they have left. And then, I go to the front house worrying for my niece. Within just a moment, further 5 persons with two motorcycles come back. One of them has a sword. Also, they have a long sword, rods and stones as well. Due to the rush attack of the first mob for 20 minutes, house glasses are broken but the main door is not opened.

However, next 5-people group coming after 20 minutes later forcefully breaks to open the door. Then, all things are dragged. One of them with a sword is guarding in front of the house at this time. The rest drag goods. And more people reach by motor bike. We don’t know them exactly. They take these things including bottles of engine oil and cosmetics and so on. Really, it looks like a slick robbery.
It takes about half an hour in such way. Most of the things have been already taken. After a short time, a police car reaches and follows them. But, only two criminals are caught and the rest escape. Those two are actually not the attackers but just opportunists who try to take the goods as others do.

Polices are existing here for one and half hour to collect required information. Round about 10 to 15 minutes later, three cars loaded monks arrived and go back after talking to them for about 10 minutes.

Currently, my home is attacked. And also those three shops attached to the houses namely Kabar Kyaw, Mali Kha and Win Myittar are destroyed.

There is no casualty. There are just abrasions injured due to shock running away. The terrorists are likely to attack us in case they see us. But now they don’t find us. They are shouting to kill and behead us. Also, they are shouting “Beat…Beat…Beat”, hitting the doors. We just avoid them. It is sure they would attack us if we were in the shops.

There is no actual mosque to be destroyed this time because it was already knock down last year. The building which is now referred as a mosque is just a large prayer center but not as big as a mosque in fact. Nevertheless, people have called it as the mosque since many years.

The authorities tell us not to worry and they will guard us the whole night. I hear that during they are telling the local administrator. Also, the police officer ordering the local administrators and Red Cross force to guard this night. But I don’t dare to check whether they do or not. Now, I dare not to sleep at my home and so staying in the other house.”

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