Rakhine State: Rakhine Extremists are looting and setting fire in Lin Thi Village

1st October 2013 (3:40 pm)

Just 10 minutes ago, some Rakhine Buddhists extremists were storming in to the Lin Thi village and terrorize it.

There were a little more than 200 Muslims households in the Lin Thi village,Buddhists extremists were out number and villagers were not able to defense themselves.

A resident of Lin Thi village said,Buddhists extremists were in village and forcing Muslims out of their home, looting every valuable things they can get, put on tracks they brought along and burnt down the houses afterward.

Although army was there, soldiers were just standing and watching calmly and not taking any action to the looters. Muslims in the whole village were helplessly running away for their safety said a Lin Thi resident as well as Thandwe resident.

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