“Muslim community becomes a scapegoat in the dirty political trick,” U Thein Win Aung said.

3rd July 2014
Reported by Lamin
U Thein win aung
The religious violence has still happened in Mandalay since 1st July. Khalifah U Thein Win Aung, a leader of one Islamic Sufi order in Mandalay, opined that the violence was a dirty political trick and Muslims became scapegoats in it.

A Mandalay resident said that the riot was intended in order to divert the people’s interest during the time when movements for the amendment of Article 436 of the Constitution were being organized.

“We are in the riot places together with the respected monks from Mandalay. The authorized police force hasn’t taken any effective action. They are like playing running-and-escaping games. I think they (the rioters) mainly target remote mosques. I haven’t found yet so far that the authorities take effective action to terrorists,” U Thein Win Aung criticized the situation in the city.

He added, “Because this event is a dirty political trick, Muslim youth should not enter the trap of the terrorists. We can’t allow our Mandalay to become second Meikhtila at all”.

It was reported that the respected monks and Muslims would meet today 3rd July to discuss about current events. In Mandalay, the sectarian violence started since 1st Jun night has been unstable yet and deaths were reported today 3rd July.

In Meikhtila, the sectarian violence occurred in last year, causing more than 40 deaths (mostly Muslims) and thousands of Muslims homeless.

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