UNC Party calls for the Government’s Compensation for the Mandalay Mob Attack

July 5th, 2014
United National Congress (UNC) Party declared a letter today, regarding the mob attacks on the 1st and 2nd of July 2014 in Mandalay.

The declaration says that spreading the rumors and hence mob attacks owing to the rumors have been the classical stories of the recent conflicts, the government is utterly condemned for failing to protect the lives, properties and dignity of its citizens; and is called for the immediate, prompt and accomplished actions; the criminals need to be taken serious actions to restore the rule of law; and the damages need to be compensated by the government.

The following is the complete description of the declaration.

UNC Party’s Declaration on the Recent Terrorist Attacks in Mandalay
UNC Party has unfortunately heard the mob attacks in Mandalay on the 1st and 2nd of July 2014. It has been the classical story in Myanmar that set-up rumors are spread online and offline that afterwards provoke hatred; and hence based on these rumors, the mob attacks outbreak.
According to the Country’s 2008 Constitution, the government has the sole responsibility to protect the lives, properties and dignity of the citizens, yet so far, there has been no plausible actions regarding this including the recent mishap in Mandalay. Therefore UNC party hereby condemn the respective institutions of the government for failing to accomplish the responsibility. And also, UNC party demands the government to take the responsibilities without fail. The party also requests that the government take serious actions to the criminals and restore the rule of law; and also compensate for the damages.

Our UNC party’s mission is to protect the well-being of the “Pathi” nationalities of Myanmar, so it is found there is a need to protect the lives, properties, dignity, freedom and cultures of the Pathis and Muslim Minorities, according to the existing laws and regulations.
It is very obvious that incidents like searching the fled convict from Pyinmanar in Mandalay, the fabricated news spread on the internet and the mob attacks in Mandalay just not merely coincided with the country’s ailing caused by the demands on constitutional amendment, and there must have definitely been a reason behind these.

It is not sufficient that the President just criticized the hate-acts, hate-letters and hate-speeches in his speech broadcast through the radio on the 2nd July 2014. Thus, we hereby calls for the government’s restoration of the tranquility of the communities and the rule of law, and also considerable actions against the respective personnel who failed to accomplish their responsibilities.

The Executive Committee
United National Congress

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