Unconfirmed news spread:Arakan Commission Member Expelled, who urged the state government’s resignation

2nd October 2012
Reported by Hein Aung
Source: myanmarmuslim.net

A Myanmar-Muslim representative, U Tin Maung Than was expelled from presidential inquiry commission on Arakan conflict due to his interview with “Myanmar Post Global” journal, according to unconfirmed sources.

As per myanmarmuslim.net, Myanmar-Muslim run media, there was a direct contact to U Tin Maung Than but the source has only got unclear answer.

In Myanmar Post Global interview, U Tin Maung Than criticized that the inability of Rakhine state government, lead by U Hla Maung Tin and Security Minister Col Htein Lin, in resisting the terrorist groups. The hit point he stated is the equivocal condition of state government which even seems to have a link with those groups.

The state government should resign for having no qualification in establishing rule of law. Under to direction of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (Head of the peace and rule of law restoration council) new government of the Arakan should be formed. If not, Federal government should control directly.

“You can find in any country, the state personnel who could not carry out the duties in responsible manner will resign immediately once he/she realizes. But you know, now even though five months has already passed, they (the Rakhine State Gov) still cannot even introduce rule of law in the conflicted region.” mentioned by U Tin Maung Than.

He questioned the influential power of state government itself.  “Arakan State government does not have enough strength to protect the people. In my opinion, the security forces do not have the discretion to do their job despite the fact that the forces are deployed enough. I know our president is working with a good intention. However, there is not much happening on the ground. The local officers are not genuine nor are they practicing the rule of law in dealing with the affected communities.”, U Tin Maung Than said.


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