Terrorist attacked on Muslims’ properties and prayer centre in Hlaing Tharyar

1st March 2013
Zar Nee
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It is reported that in Thone Htate, Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon, Muslims’ shops and prayer centre were destroyed by terrorist attack at night on 28 February 2012.

Inquiring in detail, it is learned that over 400 terrorists  attacked Muslims’ properties in Ward No. 1/ 10-11-12, Thone Htate near Hlaing Tharyar end of Aung Zay Ya Bridge at about 12 pm.

They invaded the prayer centre at Kan Tharyar Street and annihilated all things in the centre. Also, the terrorists destroyed “Our brother” bicycle spare-part shop, “Shwe (Gold)” motorcycle spare-part shop and “Bailay” betel shop in Kanaung Street, and “Kyaw” hardware store, “Hla Thitsar” pharmacy, the door of “Shwe” cosmetic and hardware stores in Shaw U Daung Street, using axes. Betel shops namely John Boo, Ba Jan at 11-corner, Ko Than Zaw in General Street, Daw Kha Ti Jar and Arkhimar were attacked too. “Hla Thitsar” pharmacy at Tapin Shwehtee Road was stoned violently.

A Hlaing Tharyar resident who left home reported to M-Media.

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“Nearly one month ago, a Buddhist sermon was delivered in Ward No. 16. U Panံñãvãra preached the sermon. In it, anti-Islamic topic was preached for approximately one hour under the title of “Donate and become rich”. Some people recorded this and then sold this CD at Kyat 300 each. Some sold two CDs for the same price. A Rakhine (Mog) group is said to undertake it. In the block, this CD is used to be played repeatedly. When it was played again and again in front of the Muslim couple’s house (Husband’s name is Phoelay), they felt annoyed. So, they reported to police station. There are some people who are jealous of their richness. A woman who dislikes the couple tricked a rumor

that the wife stepped on a religious talk CD with intention. Due to this rumor, the entire street had risen. Then, Nyi Nyi Lwin, a trishaw rider, leading the group, informed the local police station about this issue. Therefore, the ward authorities asked U Myint Thu, U Thein and Ko Maung Maung among Muslims so as to admonish Phoelay and his wife. When they reapproved them, they totally denied crushing the CD although they admitted that they felt unsatisfied with repetitive anti-Islamic sermon.  27 Buddhists witnessed to stepping of Phoelay’s wife on the CD. That case was over because the police station and township authorities solved.

Last Wednesday, in the afternoon, a rumor was spread across the whole ward that Muslims were coming from Yangon with three cars. That’s why, some Muslim elders explained that news was not true. Likewise, it was reported among Mulsims that Rakhines were coming. Thus, the Muslims elders control not to trigger problems. Yet Rakhine Buddhists were dissatisfied with their ways and announced that they would complain their jeopardizing to Rakhine monks. At Thursday’s night, it was repeated monks would come. During these days, 40 to 50 people were grouping almost every day.

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At previous night, at just over 12 o’clock, terrorists arrived at the ward. The whole street became full of them but it was not known where they came from. The total number was round about 400. Some came by motorbike taxi. Some came on foot. People from U Oattama Street as a whole as well as almost all from the slums beside the stream joined the terrorist mob . They all first destroyed Phoelay’s home. Then, they attacked Muslims’ shops and stores. Police came to forbid their attack but they didn’t accept. Terrorists were found to hold spears, clubs, machetes and axes.

In Kannaung Street, “Our brother” bicycle spare-part shops, “Shwe” motorcycle spare-part shop and “Bailay” betel shop were ruined. The Shwe motorcycle spare-part shopkeeper has opened its shop in half of his room and rented the other half to run tea shop. The latter was not destroyed as it is owned by a Buddhist. Muslims’ properties were selectively annihilated. During the attacks to shops, both District police force and ward authorities stood and just stared about.  A stone thrown by one of the terrorists nearly hit an eight-month-old Muslim baby so that the father got furious and told them that if they wanted, they could fight one by one but not to innocent baby. At that time, terrorists shouted to challenge him and to kill him, so the baby’s mother restrained and hid him.

After that police force reached and took photographs of the damages. After they recorded by camera, no one touched those. Subsequently, “Kyaw” hardware shop in Shwe U Daung Street, “Hla Thitsar” Pharmacy and the door of “Shwe” cosmetic store and hardware shop were chopped by axes. Jhon Boo, Ba Jan at 11-corner, Ko Thein Zaw, Daw Khatijar as well as Arkhimar betel shops were also destroyed. Hla Thitsar pharmacy was collectively tired to be destroyed and about 6-inch in diameter hole was made by someone’s shooting a stone.

Today morning, policemen come to take photos. When it is informed that a ward authority’s niece is seen to not only break things and chairs but also destroy the wall of prayer centre, the authorities said that the township police officer had already phoned to charge the attacks with anyone who witnessed as plaintiff.  How can we dare to sue? We are worried that someone who accused of them would face problems again as revenge.

This night is rumored as Kalar (a discrimination usage against Muslims not only Myanmar Muslims but also all Muslims around the globe and sometimes Hindus) Killing Festival. And local authorities ask Muslims in the ward to remove, saying to stay in other places. So, houses are locked and we have to stay now in nearby relatives’.”


Photo Credit- Skyheart Winko FB

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