Interview with a local resident from Meiktila

March 22, 2013
Reported by Warpinlay

This morning, a reporter from M-Media could interview a local resident from Meiktila.
He mentioned to us : “I live in Nandawgone Quarter. All the belongings from my house had been taken away and set on fire _ two motorbikes, and the clocks and accessories that are to be sold _ nothing is left. Yoyolay Muslim restaurant has been destroyed, too. My wife and children could flee to Mandalay, but I remain here with my mom, as she is hospitalized at Meiktila.General Hospital and is going to have an operation due to her Diabetes complications. There are many injured victims at the hospital. Most of them are Muslims with several Buddhists. For the time being, being at the hospital is much safer. It is not secured to be in the areas where majority is Muslims. They have fled into the fields as they dare not stay home. They desperately need help and aids. ”


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