50 People Killed and Burned On Spot in Meiktila

March 24, 2013

Video – Kamayut Media
Translated, Transcribed and Sub-titled by M-Media

After the President of Myanmar U Thein Sein has declared a state of emergency he Myanmar government announced on 23rd March that the death toll has reached up to 32 people due to the violence in Meikhtila District.

A victim of the Violence ( Pathamakyaw Dhammasaria Monastery, Temporary refugee camp):

“More than 300 people forced people to take out Kalars (derogatory term in Myanmar Language that refers to the Muslims) from their hiding place or they said they would set on fire and kill people. As Muslims(Kalars) were not taken out, some Burmese came out from different parts of the town, saying that they would not accept Muslims(Kalars) in the town, demolished buildings, and burned the mosques. Finally, the police rescue team handed over the muslim people to the mob. As muslims ran to the crowd, they were all beaten by the mob. As they fight went on, about 50 people were beaten to death, including children. Burmese beat the Muslims(Kalars).”

According to the witnesses of the violence attack in Meikhtila, at least more than 50 people were killed : after beaten and burned.

“His son has died in this condition. So we want the body back to bury him in our traditional ways.
We are wondering why this violence had happened!
We have been living here together in harmony. We eat together, eat together and study together.
Though we are different from them in terms of the religion we follow, we have been living here for generations. We cannot bear and understand such terrible violence!”

There are thousands of victims staying in the stadiums and the monasteries, the exact number is yet to be confirmed, and the humanitarian aids are not adequate yet.

Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Myanmar, visited the refugee camps on 24th March in the morning, along with U Aung Min, the Minister of the President’s Office of Myanmar. Due to the violence attacks in Meikhtila that lasted for three days, Meikhtila resembles a deserted burnt area. Though the town seems to be under control, it is reported that there have been anti-sentiment propagandas that may lead to spreading such violence in the other towns of Myanmar.

Ko Kyaw Kyaw Oo (A local from Meikhtila):
“I am a pure Burmese Buddhist. Such inhumane violent attacks as hanging people to death were utterly cruel crimes. You could ask for me at any time. Because of these inhumane robbery and atrocities, Muslim children, who are different from me in the religion, were brutally tortured and killed like animals. That made me devastated! I am suffering from it!”


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