Breaking News: Interview with a resident on violence in Oak Kan

April 30. 2013

Oak Kan

The following is the transcript of M-Media interview with a Muslim resident on Ok Kan resident.

“The mob destroyed mosque, religious school, and shops and homes owned by Muslims. They burnt down a hut next to the school. The other shops and homes are destroyed but not set on fire. I am sure the school is gone. I can’t go and see that area now.

They also destroyed Haji Maung Shwe’s building and Haji Tin Oo’s shop. Many Muslim owned shops and houses were destroyed. Until now, they are still destroying. I am hearing the noise.

Also in my ward, destruction and attacks are going on right now. The house in front of mine is gone, so my house might have been gone as well.

There are police and army, but they can’t do anything. Many people from nearly villages marched to town for the attack. I can’t estimate how many. They all came from all four sides. We are stuck in the middle.

I know how it was started. About 10 AM, a Muslim woman and a young novice monk bumped accidentally as they walk past each other. The bowl of the monk dropped and the elm went to the ground. She was accused of doing it intentionally. I heard she bought the bowl and elm for the monk as compensation. At that same time, many people came. Immediately, the crowd became a mob.

Now we are running away from our home. We are staying at a Buddhist friend’s home. My Buddhist friend said riots are doing this intentionally. He told me not to leave the house. He said two mosques have been destroyed. These mosques are Zay Mosque (Market Mosque) and Lan Cho mosque. There are only these two mosques in Ok Kan. Many shops have also been destroyed”

M-Media learns that although the incident was an accident, it has been manipulated to make it a religious riot. Although a case is open at a police station, it did not work. Only violence took place.

According to latest information, security forces fired into the air to control the riot.

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