Exploiting the funeral to create a terrorist attack in Mandalay

4th July 2014
Reported by Thuta
Mandalay Police Department announced yesterday one Muslim man and one Buddishist man had been killed by terrorist mobs during the terrorist attack.
The dead body of Muslim man had already buried in Ayeyeik Nyein Cemetery yesterday. The funeral of the Buddhist man was held at today 1 o’clock and most of the mourners were holding machetes and clubs.

About one thousand of people were accompanied with nearly 300 cars and motor cycles. Some are holding the Buddhist flag and some were singing National Anthem.

A vinyl on which the severe words and usages which can grow the hatred and terror and the bloody photos of the dead person was hanged on the hearse. On the way to Ayeyeik Nyine Cemetery, some people from the mobs destroyed a motor cycle parked on 80th street.

When they arrived near Hindustani Mosque, they shouted ”There is a one Mosque here, destroy it”, a Buddhist witness told M-Media.

All of the Muslims are worried and most of the Buddhists do not want this terror happen again in Mandalay.

Mandalay regional government does not take any action although there is much stimulation which can lead this happen again in Mandalay in which people of different religions have been living peacefully for many years.

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