The First Social Outstanding Award Winner (Grade 1) AL.hajah Pyin Mana Daw Pu

8th October ,2014

DawPuShe is Yindaw Village native, Pyaw Bwe Township in Mandalay Region, born in 1268 ME (1906). Her parents are broker U Ba Mya and Daw Khin Si. Her childhood name is Ma Shwe Pu. In 1288 ME, she got married to Jeweller U San Hla. They moved to Pyin Mana and earned their living on jewellery trading. Daw Pu was skilled at the Jewellery business. Whenever she looked at the jewels she could appraise the quality and classes of them  at once. The majority relied on Daw Pu in jewellery trading because of her smooth dealings, honesty and trust in her. Being skilful at her business, the city dwellers of Pyin Mana Lovingly called her Sein (Diamond) Ma Pu.

During the Japanese period, when the Burma Independence Army (BDA) was formed, the commissioned officers, supervisors and soldiers were friendly with Daw Pu. As a mother, they called her Amay Pu. Daw Pu served as chairman of Asian Youth Organization in Pyin Mana Township. During the period of the fight against the fascist Japan, when Burma Independence Army (BDA) was in Pyin Mana, she supported the army as much as she could.

daw pu

Celebration made of honour to Daw Pu for winning the First Social Outstanding Award (Grade 1)

In 1947 her husband U San Hla passed away and she moved to Yangon. She established “Tun Nay Yaung Company” at the west wing of Bogyoke Market, Yangon from 1949 till 1962. She established a textile factory ,”Bayin Ma” of lace nylon from 1961 till 1968 .She went to Hajj in Mecca in 1951.

In 1972, she donate over 800,000 kyats to Islamic Children’s leading school at Yin Daw Village in Pyaw Bwo Township. Moreover she made a donation for a mosque, Zafar Shah Temple on Ziwaka Road (Zafar Shah Road) in Yangon and a women’s prayer room. She also donated for making necessary renovation to the school building and the hostel for Muslim women, on Theinbyu Road. In 1978, she donate to build a lecture theatre for postgraduate psychology and a library which coast 600,000 kyats to build of over three million kyats to build Urology Department in Yangon General Hospital compound.


– Al- Haja Daw Pu giving an address at the inauguration of  Islamic Women’s Prayer room in the Myoma Mosque compound at Yae Su Ward, Mottama on(2.5.1981)

She also laid foundation to construct a building of skin and Venereal Disease Department, in Yangon General Hospital Expansion compound , which cost two million kyats. Moreover she donate five million kyats for a four- storeyed building in Yangon General Hospital compound, also two million kyats for skin and Neuro Hospital.

Daw Pu was a patron in Pyin Mana Township Association, an executive member in Myanmar Traders’ Association and was included as a member in Economic Mission sent abroad by the State Government.

Daw pu was the first woman who won the first Social Outstanding Award(Grade 1) in January, 1981. She donated a lot in religion, social welfare deeds for the benefit of Myanmar.

Al-Hajah Daw Pu also took part as a patron in the Council of Islamic Religious Affairs, the Central Committee of Eid Prayer and the Central Committee to welcome the 15th Hijarri.

She passed away in February 1, 1982 at Yangon.


– Burial mound of Al-Haja Pyin Mana Daw Pu at Kandawgalay Muslim Cemetery.


Written by Maung Than Win (Myanmar Sar)

Translated by D-Rose

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