A Myanmar Muslim interfaith activist is arrested for allegedly communicating with illegal organization

16th July 2015
Reported by Thiha


Zaw Zaw Latt, a social activist, from Harmony Interfaith Youth Volunteer Group was arrested yesterday by Chanayetharzan Township No. 3 Police force for allegedly communicating with an illegal organization under section 17 (1).

Pwint Phyu Latt , a member of the interfaith group, said that he was arrested on account of the spread of his photos of holding a gun taken at Kachin Independence Army military camp in Laiza two years ago at social network website.

“There have been many cases of enjoying self-photo taking of journalists and young volunteers in military uniforms and holding guns when they visit Ethnic armed groups and refugee camps. It is not uncommon that such photos are seen on social media. His photo has been uploaded since two years ago. I think Zaw Zaw Latt’s case is a intentional dirty plot as he, being a Muslim, is selectively arrested”, a youth, who attended an interfaith training together with him, opined.


Harmony Interfaith Youth Volunteer Group was founded by Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Bahai young volunteers together in March, 2013 just after Meiktila communal riots. It organizes peace and humanitarian activities.

It is observed that activity photos of Zaw Zaw Latt and his team were fabricated in religious hatred and rumor spread on social media during previous months.

A Facebook page named Mandalay Regional Branch of Ma Ba Tha (The Committee of Prevention of Nationality and Religion) accused him and his team of both communicating with RSO and insulting religion and culture, using religiously and racially discriminating terms although his case is still under investigation and the authority has not issued any official verdict yet.

Muslim interfaith activist Zaw Zaw Latt’s case has obviously highlighted the double standard of the authority who take no action on hate speech mongers who also use social media to propagate their religious and racial hatred.

Ref: RFA
Photos from Zaw Zaw Latt’s Facebook

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