Tow-story building destroyed by officials in central Myanmar due to Islamophobic incitement

27th, July 2017
Reported by Thiha

– An under construction tow-story building has been destroyed in central Maqway Region after angry Buddhist mob protesting the site as an apparent Muslim Mosque, a Burmese language local media reported.

This evening incident happened in Tharyaraye Quarter in Kyaut Pan Daung Township, local MP U Aye Khine told  The Ladies News.

“Local residents thought the building would be a Mosque. They gathered at the site and the number is increased significantly. No one has asked for permission to build the house. One thing, there is no legal permission from Municipal department. Another one is people are shouting angrily and it is likely to be out of control. For these two reasons we destroyed the building rather than examining if it is a mosque”, said U Aye Khine.

He also explained owner did not obey the warning from Municipal department not to continue the construction.

A local source told M-Media that the owner of the building is a local Buddhist man working as a movie director.

Kyaut Pan Daung Township is notorious for designating Muslims and Mosque free zone and many Myanmar Buddhists are proud of this racist behavior as Nationalism.

Source and Photo credit – The Ladies News

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