Ten Myanmar Muslims were killed by Rakhine people in Western Myanmar

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Ethnic Arakan, also known as Rakhine, killed ten Myanmar Muslims in barbaric and in-human manner yesterday in a sectarian attack. While a group of Myanmar Muslims were traveling back to Yangon from Arakan State on a bus, at Taung-kout, a small town of 300 residents, local ethnic Arakan had stopped the bus forcibly and looked bloodthirstily for Muslims. The eight travelers were dragged from the bus and beaten up till the end of their lives. The angry mob also assumed that the motorist is a Muslim and did not spare him.

“At immigration check point, the vehicle has been stopped. The mob of 300 with motorbikes holding rods and knives blocked up and yelling that “Get off and face your end of life, if there any Kalas (derogatory term used by Buddhists against Myanmar Muslim)”.  A man responsible from the bus got off and had tried to persuade while the bus door was closed. He was pushed harshly by the mob and they got in the bus. When they found some Muslims, shouted that “Here is the Kalas, here they are” and started beating with rod. And then they dragged the victims and killed them in a very short period.”, the express owner explained while contacted by the phone.

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This attack has a relatively long background history which is solely related to Ethnic Rakhine who has been launching very strange racist campaigns against ethnic Rohingyas who were allegedly and apparently called ‘illegal’ immigrants or Bangali.

Intense campaign against Myanmar Muslims, derogatorily known as “Kalas”, started in November last year on social media such as Facebook. Thousands of Buddhists (both Rakhine and non-Rakhine) have been spreading hate messages in very blasphemous language. Although their target is seemingly the Rohingyas, they end up direct attacking Myanmar Muslims and Islamic norms.

Participants in this campaign are not only those from Burma locals but also so-called pro-democracy and human rights activists residing under the cover of asylum in US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Thai.

As there is government ignorance for this vulnerable condition, Ethnic Rakhine politicians are openly and violently against ethnic Rohingya. Therefore, the so-called blind Buddhist patriots have faith in whatever they spread and are forwarding the hate information.

Almost every day in the past several months, tons of millions of hate messages were being spread on Facebook and forwarding mails. Redistribution become the duty towards every Buddhists too.

Photo credit-http://mandalaygazette.com

Minority Myanmar Muslims have also been trying to halt the hate campaign by approaching mainstream Burmese media. But they completely and intentionally ignore the cry for help. For instance, there is a vivid scene that the leading media was totally silent on the demolishing of two mosques and the act-of-like terrorists attack to Muslim homes in Northern and Central Burma in April this year.

The campaign grows and hate messages continue to spread. The racists start speaking of eradicating all Muslims from Burma. Some even blame dictator Than Shwe for not killing all Muslims in the country like what the Nazi did.

An important event leading to this sectarian attack was a rape-murder of a 26 year old woman by three local criminals allegedly the Muslims on May 29 – four days before this attack.

Knowing that anti-Muslim sentiment is growing (not just Anti-Rohingya), ethnic Arakan news agency called Narinjara blew the whistle by racial profiling. It associated the criminals with Islamic religion, stirring local people’s anger. The Irrawaddy, one of the most well known opposition media, reported in a similarly way.

As the attack broke out, some campaigners posted on Facebook, rewarding an offer of $300 US to those who can go for sex assault against Muslim women, and $500 US to those who can kill.

Commenting on the sectarian attack on Radio Australia, two local men said the attack was intended to look for May 29 rapists. This proved to be inaccurate as all three accused have reportedly been arrested according to their own credible media.

Ethnic Arakan have threatened Muslims in other part of the country of similar attacks.

Meanwhile, majority of the Burmese citizens fear that the Burmese government facing political deadlock due to various protests (labor, farmer, electricity) are diverting political attention by creating religious riots.

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