A Mosque Damaged by unknown group in Yangon

Waqf Jame Mosque, Koatkine Mosque in Bahan Township at Gabaaye Pagoda Road and an antique shop located next to the mosque had been damaged by an unidentified group wearing black dresses today at 2:30 in the early morning.

It is a famous old mosque frequently visited by international diplomats from Muslim countries.

“Around 2:30 at night, I had heard glass breaking sound. But as the sound continued, I realized that the mosque was being damaged.”, said Mr. Ebrahim who lives just behind the mosque.

The antique shop

The antique shop owned by Daw Aye Aye Nyein had been damaged too. At 4 am, venerable sayadaw U Pana Wuntha, renowned by his leadership during Saffron Revolution, had arrived and observed the damages. And he personally reported to myanmarmuslim.net.

Sayadaw said, “It is the act of such group who wants the government to announce curfew in Yangon. Then it can possibly lead to seizing power again by military. It is also the act of the ones who wants the country to go back (from the democracy reforms).”

While the mosque and shop were being attacked, U Ebrahim reported to Bahan Police Station. Just minutes after reporting, the group who damaged the mosque left in a car. The residents around the mosque also confirmed that they are in black dresses.

Pile of broken brick pieces, used by the attackers were scattered in surrounding area of the mosque. The attacker also broke the doors of antique shop and damaged the objects inside. “It is worth up to 5 million kyats”, told by U Than Myint, elder brother of the shop owner.

An official from the president office confirmed that news on his facebook page. But he put the status message which mentions total amount of brick pieces thrown by attackers which are about 40 in total. People reads his status message are wondering how the officials count.

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