A 74-year-old Myanmar Muslim was intentionally and brutally attacked by a group of Buddhist Monks in Hpa-an



the victim in the hospital

In Hpa-an, the capital of Kayin State, U Jaahal, a 74 years old Myanmar Muslim, was savagely beaten by terrorist Buddhist Monks during going to the River Bank Mosque for early morning prayer at round about 5 am on 5th September 2012. On his way, near the bazaar, he met with a row of monks who went round the town to accept offerings of food and so waited together with other two peoples to pass this row. When the row was suddenly sparse, they both went through it firstly and then he followed them to pass it. At that time, a monk who left behind ran and kicked him so that he fell down. Then at least four monks attacked collectively him. Although the local residents who felt this was unseemly requested the monks to discontinue their attack on him, they did not stop and continued beating until they wanted and then left him alone on the road. Because of their brutal attack, he was badly injured and even hospitalized.

Islamic Religious Organizations had already informed officially this case to local authority but no action is taken up to now.

“Here, this kind of attack is not uncommon. Usually occur in Pa-an. Mostly in Block (2) and (4). But this attack is the worst. The worst monks are ones who live in Thiri Mandine and Thayettaw Monasteries. In this case, the old man is 74 and also has poor sight. So it is easy to trick him. When the monks saw an old man with beard and skullcap, they intentionally scattered the row and allow one to two people to pass. But at the old man’s turn, they fraudulently deceive him and attack him. For this attack, there is no retaliation and revenge of the Muslim Community at all. The monks of these monasteries frighten Muslims not to dare buy houses and disturb in different ways unable to live in case Muslims even buy houses in Hpa-an. The condition becomes worse and worse day by day because there is no effective action taken even though these issues are reported to the local authority,” a local resident disappointedly said.


the victim in the hospital

Official letter informed by a Myanmar Muslim Organization to local authority for this issue

Ref: M.M.M

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