Muslim villages at Minbya and Myauk Oo in Rakhine are terrorized and burnt on

22nd October 2012
News reported by Htun Tauk

Rakhines and monks are terrorizing and burning Muslim villages around Minbya and Myauk Oo in Rakhine State.
They started to burn the fishing village named Pike Thae in Minbya on night of 21st October 2012. Pike Thae village is a Muslim village. They try to burn down by using bullets and improvised homemade rockets with the materials usually used during incineration ceremonies of dead monks. The Buddhist monks joined the mob together with Rakhine people. Nineteen houses are burnt and nine persons injured in Pike Thae village. There is a mosque in the village which escaped the fire.

At 7.00 AM today on 22nd October 2012 Thayet Oo village in Minbya was burnt. The whole village was scorched to ash, including two mosques and 229 houses in that village. Seven injured, five died with slashed wounds and another one died with the gun-shot wound. The arsonists assaulted by throwing the Molotov cocktail petrol bombs and bullets to start the fires.

At 2 PM today started they started to attack and burn the Aung Dine village in Minbya. One Masjid burnt and the exact number of houses burnt is not known.

At 11 AM today, Parein village in Myauk Oo was attacked and burnt but could not get the number of casualties. Paung Koke village is also surrounded by Rakhines and monks.

Muslims inhibited quarter number 3 and 4 in Pauktaw Wa township was surrounded by Rakhines and Monks to burn down but the army arrived, prevented the arson and promised the mob that they would relocate the Muslims to out of the town within 3 or 4 days.
“These atrocities of arson attacks are done by Rakhines and monks. The army shoots into the air to threaten the arsonists but they refused to back down. The Muslims are trying to extinguish the ongoing fire. But some of those Muslims trying to douse off the fire were wounded and died because of the attacks by the terrorists with machetes and wooden sticks.

Muslims are in big trouble now. Now the hand-phones of those villagers are confiscated by the police and military personals. Because of that the victims have to hide their phones and secretly reporting. Where about of the victims from the burnt villages are not known. We could not get the exact number of death. It is very difficult to contact each other. There may be a lot of death amongst children.

We are worried for all of them. Dear Muslim brothers, please kindly pray for them,” reported by a local Muslim to the M-Media.

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