Rakhines Burnt Down Six Muslim Villages in Minpyar: 7 People Died

October 23, 2012
Reporting by Tun Taut

Buddhist Rakhines burnt down six villages in Minpyar, according to a local resident from Minpyar.

“Muslim villages named Pait Sit, Turali, Samli, Aungdai, Latma and another one have gone completely because Rakhine terrorists burnt them down. Pait Sit had 500 to 600 houses and 3 mosques. Entire village is gone now. In Turali, there were 700 to 800 houses and two mosques. That village was also burnt down completely. The military shot dead 3 Mawlawi (religious leaders) and 4 other persons. Two other villages, Samli and Aungdai, were burnt down since yesterday evening”

The resident told M-Media, “Latma village is currently burning. It has more than 1,500 houses and 9 mosques. I had contact earlier [with the village], but I lost contact”. There are military units in those villages, but the army shoot if Muslims react. People have no where to go, so they can only run and hide in the forest”.

M-Media learns that there are 14 villages in Minpyar. Out of 14 villages, six have been burnt down completely.

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