Rakhines Continue Terror in Myauk U and Minpyar Tonight: More than 100 Died

October 23, 2012, 9:50 Myanmar Standard Time
Reporting by Htun Taut

Rakhine extremists burnt down Thardar village at 4 PM today. More than 250 houses were set on fire, and more than 1,150 people had to flee the village.

Buddhist Rakhines also burnt down entire village named Kyait Taung at 4:15 PM today. M-Media learns that more than 170 houses were burnt and more than 1,000 people from the village are now on the run.

A resident in Mrauk U, who is also on the run, told M-Media “Rakhine terrorists are getting worse and worse. They now target Muslims towards genocide. I see that they will turn against Burmese after Muslims. Rakhines want to establish their own independent country. If the government cannot control now, I am sure their next target will be the Burmese”.

Muslims are having troubling communicating with people outside conflict areas as their communication has been blocked by the authorities.

M-Media gathers information that the military has confiscated telephones owned by Muslims. According to M-Media’s local contact, some of the confiscated phone numbers include 09-421714097, 09-421735088, 09-421735059, and 09-421741859.

Earlier today, Rakhines attacked and burnt down houses in Yaing Te village at 7 AM. Entire village was burnt to the ground. Rakhines beat up Muslims with sticks and chopped them with swords. Although the military came, it could not control the mob and therefore left the scene.

In Yaing Te village, more than 100 houses were destroyed, and more than 100 Muslims have been killed. The exact number of missing persons are not yet available.

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