Security in Pak Taw Township Now Uncertain

October 24, 2012
Reportings by Htun Taut

At 11: 30 & 11: 48 PM

Security situation is uncertain in Pak Taw. The township authorities told Pak Taw Ward 3 and 4 residents that they could not provide security to the residents. Thus, the residents are trying to leave their villages.

According to information received by M-Media at 11:48 last night (October 24, 2012), Muslim residents in Pak Taw township are worried as the border security forces also told that they could not take responsibility for the security of Char Ae Taung, Zaw Gyi, Nget Chaung, Lambadi and Don villages.

Some villagers, therefore, went out at night to rent ferries for leaving their villages. At Zay Cho village, they were shot from a Rakhine boat. Out of seven villagers, five  escaped but two persons were arrested by Rakhines. The arrested villagers are

(1) Marlar Ahmed (age 34) (father: Mosta Ahmed)

(2) Hla Maung (age 31) (father: Kawbi Rahmed)

A resident from Pak Taw said, “Rakhines have arrested them. Since they are in Rakhines’ hands, they won’t come alive. Their bodies won’t even come back”.

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