Muslim villagers of Thetkaepyin, Sittwe Township, being tortured by a Yakhine Brigadier

29th November 2012 (1:35 pm)
Htoon Tauk

About 1pm on 29th November 2012, the Brigadier from battery of Yakhine State, a native Rakhine from Kyauk Taw Township, reached Thetkaepyin village and committed lawless beat and torture to villagers.

Thetkaepyin village is one of the Muslim-dominant villages of Yakhine State.

An eyewitness reported to M-media, “The Brigadier of Sittwe battery, Lieutenant-Colonel Shwe Zan, together with another officer and three privates came, driving a grand jeep himself. He is a Yakhine, native of Kyauk Taw. When he reached the concrete bridge, entrance of Thetkaepyin village, one Regiment Police called the two boys who were securities of the paddy fields and beat them. Then he ordered Thetkaepyin village administrator to put them into the fetter, in front of the market. And then, they drove through the West Road of Thetkaepyin. Such tortures have occurred several times. The officials have never taken action regarding those acts. Although we reported to the Ministers of Yakhine State, they didn’t take any action. Now this incident happened in front of my eyes. Where do I have to report and who will take action to this? There has been a great deal of lawless violence in Yakhine State.”

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