Brigadier of DKBA meets Pine Kyone Locals

November 27th, 2012
Nay Thit Htoon

Brigadier of DKBA, a brigade based at upper Pine Kyone, Brigadier Win Naing Sein met with locals from Pine Kyone region regarding the spread of anti-Islam hate letters and rumors that would destroy Muslims’ houses, on 27th November.

In this meeting, he mentioned that although he had intended to discuss with both local Muslims and Buddhists, local Buddhists didn’t attend. He urged both communities to continue living in harmony and peace as before.

One of the local Karen Muslims from Pine Kyone said, “They (the officials) want to discuss with both Muslims and Buddhists but Buddhists didn’t come. So the discussion was only with Muslims.” Twelve representatives, including the leaders (Imams) of the three Mosques from the region and trustee members attended this meeting.

After the distribution of anti-Islam hate letters on 20th November in this region, rumors that villages in Pine Kyone where Karen Muslim population is dominant would be destroyed had been widely spread.

The local added, “The discussion would have been effective and meaningful if both Muslims and Buddhists had attended. But now with Muslims only, there has not been any fruitful discussion.”

Locals there said that this meeting was held at the new town office of lower Pine Kyone and it had been planned to meet Buddhists Karen and Muslim Karen again in early December.

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