Propagating Anti-Islam hatred in Bee Lin

January 22nd 2013
Nay Thit Tun

masjid from Bee Linn

the Entrance of a mosque from Bee Linn

Some unknown people, learnt to be not the local residents, are reportedly trying to propagate anti Muslim sentiment in Bee Lin, Mon State. On 7th January 2013, a group of outsiders came to Bee Lin by jeep and sold the CDs of inflammatory anti Islam sermon by a Buddhist monk. One Bee Lin resident said “CDs of the sermon insulting the other religion were sold on the jeep. These people were not from this town. They played the CD on the crossroads and sold them. But the people from Bee Linn were not interested in it so no one bought the CDs”.

A week later, a stranger monk gave a hate speech against Muslims in one of the social gatherings of youths from the town. The resident said “Youths from Bo Tae township of Bee Linn got together and organized a party on the 15th night. Around 9 pm, a monk climbed up onto the stage and said ‘you are overjoyed here?  Muslim Kalars (derogatory word for Muslims) are trying to take over us in the 21st century by using the word “786”. It is not appropriate to neglect this issue and celebrate here. You must protect your race and religion’ and then delivered an anti Muslim speech. All got frightened and they had to stop the Karaoke party.”

It is reported that in spite of stirring up anti Muslim prejudices, Buddhist residents don’t have any interest in it.

These Islamophobic provocations occurred in Bee Linn after the video CDs of inflammatory anti Islam sermon by the monk from Muttamma Nan Oo Buddhist monastery had been distributed throughout Karen and Mon states.

In early 2013, the Buddhist Monk Wirathu from Mandalay Ma So Yein Buddhist monastery visited Mon state and preached in Zin Kyike village, Paung Township on 5th January 2013 night, and on that evening.

The monitors for anti Muslim movement in Myanmar commented that these hate incidents in Bee Linn could be related to Wirathu’s trip to Mon state.

It is also reported that the authorities from Bee Linn had taken necessary actions to prevent further religious conflicts.

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