Wishing the commission to become clean; Remove Aye Maung

31 January 2013
Sein San Htike (Hanthar Land)

RNDP president Aye Maung

RNDP president Aye Maung

RNDP president Aye Maung, a veterinary surgeon, who is a member of the investigation commission on Rakhine conflict, should be dismissed from it.

He is not fitted the standards of being a commission member, and according to reports of local journals, he is not only aggressive but an egotist evidently as well.

A few criticisms are collectively mentioned below with quotations from local journals.

1.      On 15 August 2012, two days before organizing the commission, he told Newday News Journal publicly that it was not necessary to set up any investigation commission on Rakhine conflict.

(Remark- It has to be thought why such kind of person is involved in the commission.)

2.      In one volume of Flower News Journal published on 30 October 2012,Aye Maung answered that both the Union and Rakhine State governments are totally responsible for this conflict to the reporter’s question that is who was the most responsible one for it.

(Remark- His statement causes the public to become disrespect for the Union and State authorities.)

3.      In a piece of news reported in Myanmar Post Journal brought out on 30 October 2012, he also said, “the conflict will end tomorrow in case it disseminates to the main part of Burma from Rakhine State today.
These riots will finish when a big clash with Burmese in Yangon, but not with Rakhine, happens. It will be calm when those persons consider it should not do.”

(Remark- According to this, it is found that Aye Maung was jeopardizing a situation to spread the problem to Yangon.)

4.      In a news report of Myanmar Global Journal distributed on 2 November 2012, these facts were described in detail that a spokesperson group which represents Rakhine people in Yangon Region was established on 28 November 2012 in order to gather information from Rakhine State and to declare the data; there were about 150 people from respective associations of Yangon Region Rakhine Network and 27 spokesmen, one of whom was Aye Maung. Aye Maung himself told this information to the journal.

(Remark- As said by this report, despite a member of the commission officially organized by the state, Aye Maung’s effort to organize another spokesman group whose members are only Rakhines is disregard for the state’s commission. Also, it is clearly obvious that he is under the influence of racism due to his representing an outside group which is one side of conflicting ones. Hence, it is deducible that he should not be a member of the commission.)

5.      In addition, the image of Thidar Htwe, a victim of a rape case which was the very triggering point of the violence, was printed in 2013 Calendars distributed by RNDP, Aye Maung’s political party.

(Remark- it can be supposed that it is just a step to jeopardize the riots again.)

With the good will wishing the commission to become clean, it is emphatically deduced that Aye Maung should be fired from it for the reasons and situations mentioned above.

*This article does not represent M-Media but just writer’s opinion.

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