Anti-Muslims Riot in Meikhtila, Central Burma


20 March 2013


Buddhist Monk destroying the properties of Muslims

It has been reported that the gold shops owned by the Muslims had been damaged in Meikhtila.

According to some sources, the riot had been started by the clash between the owner of the shop and the Buddhist customer who tried to sell pieces of gold which is stated arguably artificial.

“Yes, the shop is owned by a Muslim and it is located at the right side of Meikhtila bazaar. All the goldsmith are there at the right side. There are about 10 gold shops owned by Muslims who are also related to each other. Apart from this, there is no shop owned by other who are not Muslims except at the opposite side.” said by a Muslim shopkeeper who was on his way back to home after early closure of the bazaar.

One of the Buddhists directly reported to M-Media states – ” A lot of rumors are spreading. Of course, the problem was just started because of trying to sell artificial gold. It is also a plot to incite riot against Muslims. I am not encouraging and want it to be law enforcement. ”

It is also noticed that the anti-muslims hate sermon delivered by Wirathu which cited some activities of Meikhtila NLD party is also spread out on social media. And that is also the instigation behind this riot led by some Buddhist monks.

Furthermore, there are some mob attacks to the Mosques in Meikhtila this evening. M-Media will cover this in detail soon.

The recorded video of riot against Muslim shops =>


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