Township Authority from Tonebo, Bago (Pegu) Division tells Muslims to flee from the Terrorist Mob

March 26, 2013


The township administration officer from Tonebo Town, Bago (Pegu) Division told Muslims to flee from the terrorist mob, as there has been hearsay that the mob would come to attack Muslims and destroy Mosque.

“The authority told us to flee away. We have heard that these terrorists would come here. In Pyay there is adequate security, so it seems not possible that such raids would occur in Pyay and they might go to other nearby suburban places. So, the authority told us to flee from them.” A Muslim local from Htonebo said to M-Media.

“It is nonsense! The news of the mob has been spread, so the authority needs to take actions to prevent this. Now, instead, they are telling innocent Muslims to flee from their houses rather than halting the criminals”, another person connected to Htonebo told M-Media.

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