Minhla News Supplement aftermath of violence against Muslims this afternoon

27th March 2013, 6.30pm (Local time)

Minhal Pago

M-Media have contacted a resident of Minhla and he has told as follows:

At first, a mosque called Taing Yar Kyaw had been attacked. But now, all three mosques had been destroyed in Minhla. A cafe called Point owned by Mulims had also been destroyed. It had been attacked twice even. When the mosque was being under attack, there was a warning shot, but no body bothered. Since Minhla had been attacked, I was home. But after 4pm, I had noticed that the situation was getting worse and I left home. Later, I had come to know my house was also destroyed. Tonight, I have no place to sleep.

U Ba Than’s house was also destroyed. His house is attached with bicycle shop and the rioters tried to take the bicycles by force. But the surroundings helped and they could not take any. But I am not sure whether they took other things.

They, the rioters had come with machine saws, axes and huge scissors. They are from GoneSu, Zigone and MyoThit, the surrounding villages of Minhla, and about 500 in number.

Now, they all satisfied with violence. But where I have to go, no where. I have my family including elders and children, no idea what to do.”

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