Gyopingauk Violence Update (March 28, 2013 12:00 PM)

March 28, 2013


M-Media interviewed local Muslim resident from Gyopingauk .

“Just now around 11:45 am, one group came to us named “A Pyit Mae Narkyin Mu Lat Myar” (literary meaning Innocent hands that are hurt). The group took photos of houses and building not affected by the riots. They didn’t take photos of those buildings which were destroyed by rioters.The group didn’t ask us anything”.

He also said that there is no security and protection for them, and they desperately need protection.

They left everything behind and now they do not have anything but their 2 pairs of dress wit them.

Local authority has announced Article 144 (state of emergency) but that is not effective because yesterday at midnight, another house was destroyed by the mob.

“Now we are hearing news of destructions and riots in every hour in our surroundings . Many times, we are confused whether the information we get about rioters coming is rumour or real. We are worried every single minute that they will come and destroy our lives and properties.”

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