Rumors spread out in Okkan of attacking Muslims after religious sermon tonight

March 28, 2013
Thu Ta

It is reported that there have been a three days religious preaching by roadside in Okkan Township started by 27th March. As today is the last day and the preacher is going to be a Monk from Wirathu’s Ma Soe Yein monastery, the anxiety among Muslims residence is at its highest level. Some of the families are started leaving their homes. The security forces are readily deployed in the township. There is also a rumor of attacks against Muslims after the last day religious sermons and for that sake, some of the villagers are already disguised as monks.

Some Muslim families were warned by the surroundings regarding that preparation. According to the reporter, there are two standby military trucks at the front of the Anawrathar ward administer office. The preaching ground is located just beside the Okkan Buddhist monastery

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