A Muslim Woman Beaten By a Monk in Pa-an

April 28, 2013

M-Media learns that a Muslim woman was beaten by a monk in the town of Pa-an, Karen state, on April 28 morning.

In the morning at 8 AM, Daw Ma Khin (aka) Daw Shakira, age 50, stood aside on the street as she saw the scores of monks walking down for the morning elms. A monk accused her of crossing the street while the monks were marching for elms. Beaten with the bowl carried by the monk, the woman fell to the ground and her head bleed.

People nearby saw the incident, but no one helped her as she was beaten by the monk.

She was taken to the hospital by her daughter awhile later.

Although local authority came to see her, there is no action taken.

The monk responsible for this act is from Thitsa Mandaing monastery.

This is not the first incident of this kind. Last year, an elder Karen Muslim man was beaten by the monks in the morning. He died a few days later.

M-Media learns that there have been no less than 10 incidents of this kind, but no one has been charged.

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