Undercover Buddhist thugs use blasphemy law as a shield

30th April 2013
[Okkan Anti-Muslims Riots Analysis]

A scratch image of monks beaten by the militants during saffron revolution

A scratch image of monks beaten by the militants during saffron revolution

“A clash between an under teenage monk and a woman can even lead to mob attack in Burmese way of Buddhism”, commented by an analyst after a police statement had been appeared on facebook regarding loathsome attack to Muslim properties and a mosque in a town called Okkan.

With regard to this news, Reuters stated “Roaming gangs armed with bricks smashed the mosque’s windows and looted dozens of shops after a Muslim woman collided with a Buddhist monk while walking in the street, angering residents, a police statement said.” in their “Mosque, Muslim shops attacked near Myanmar’s biggest city” headline.

The police statement mentions that 11 years old monk had been collided with a woman at a market place. And it further states that they also had received a report to file a suit against that woman under penal code (295-A) and accepted to open a case.

Penal code 295-A is however a kind of blasphemy law which covers all sorts of insults to a religion of any group, not only for Buddhists, intentionally or to feel deeply hurt.

“Colliding accidentally in a crowded market cannot be an intentional case”, one remarked. But it has been alright to be charged under a penal code in Burma.
Ironically, that police statement had been shared by Ye Htut, deputy minister of Information, on his facebook page while he does not know that since several months ago, there are more than 3 to 5 facebook pages inciting severe hatred towards Muslims. Ye Htut, like Hmuu Zaw, an official from Burma president office, is very active on facebook and sometimes comment back to the clone accounts without a proper identification.
Wirathu, anti-Muslim monk and Nay Myo Wai, the founder of a political party, are openly doing their hate activities against Muslims. “Unfortunately, Ye Htut and Hmuu Zaw are yet to be able to see it”, a veteran facebook user sarcastically commented.

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