Okkan Anti-Muslim Violence: Dead toll rises into Two, 157 homes destroyed

1st May 2013
[Okkan Update]

The unrest in Okkan led two person died and many others wounded. Though the state media reported last night that the situation is under control, terrified Muslim families who fled the assaults, about 70 miles north to Yangon, could be seen late Tuesday hiding in forests along roads and crouching in paddy fields afterward.


M-Media reporter confirmed that many wounded have been still arriving at Yangon general hospital while escorted by military police. “We escorted Four wounded but one died Tuesday overnight on the way to hospital. But the two out of three remaining are also in critical condition as they have been attacked by the sword.”,  a relative of the victims said. Later he confirmed that dead toll rises into two while M-Media had been contacting to him.



“The three person are Ko Zaw Zaw Naing, Ko Tin Win and Ko Issa. Ko Zaw Zaw Naing is about 26, Ko Issa is over 30 and Ko Tin Win is 24. All three are not in good condition. They have been attacked to their heads, hit sharply on the back by sword and the blood are still coming out from the ears. Some are accompanied by their neighbors. It is so desperate to see them. NLD members talked to them and I did not ask anything to them as I am just a visitor. Now Ko Zaw Zaw is dead while I am talking to you.” said by a visitor.

As usual, the police gave no details on who was behind the assault. Khin Maung Than, a Muslim in Okkan, said he recognized some of the attackers but many faces were unfamiliar.

Thet Lwin, a deputy commissioner of police for the region, said they have so far detained 18 attackers who destroyed 157 homes and shops in the town of Okkan and three outlying villages, which were quiet Wednesday with around 300 police on guard.

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