Buddhist mobs led by the village administrator and committed crimes in well-prepared way, Kamaryut Media Reports

1st May.2013


In this April 30, 2013 photo, Muslim children take refuge in forests along a road in Okkan, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) north of Yangon, Myanmar. Buddhist mobs hurling bricks overran a pair of mosques and set hundreds of homes ablaze in central Myanmar on Tuesday, injuring at least 10 people in the latest anti-Muslim violence to shake the Southeast Asian nation.(AP Photo/Zin Chit Aung )

Kamaryut Media reported that the thugs’ systematic movement in Okkan anti-Muslim violence is relatively same as Buddhist-led violence swept the town of Meikthila, especially the circumstances on the start date, 20th March. The reporters of the Kamaryut media said that the surrounding villages of Okkan had been torched by Buddhist mobs led by the village administrator of Chaut Tae’ village himself. They also reported, based on the residents and the authorities, that the polices have been seizing the suspects.

In the afternoon of 30th April, more than 300 houses, located separately in four different villages, had been set ablaze. Initially it was done by the local residents and later augmented by the outsiders. Furthermore, Kamaryut media reports that there were at least 10 wounded but no reliable sources available to confirm the dead toll.

Kamaryut media reporters assuredly confirm, based on several eye witnesses and notes, there were many outsiders, who are unfamiliar to the local residents, led the violence systematically after the crash between Muslims and Buddhists in the town and it seems like they all are well prepared.

It is reported that the police force of Yangon division have started seizing the suspects as they are also worried of the possible expansion of deadly violence. Apparently, the situation is temporarily under control. The remote places, however, where are hard to reach and no police operations, might be targeted by the mobs.

As the Meikthila violence, loathsome rioters in Okkan led by village administrator had been instructed by phone particularly in giving directions. After they had set fire on the villages, they destroyed the bridges on their way back to the town so that no rescue process can reach on time and the survivors had been sitting the whole night on the bank of the stream while seeing the flames.

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