A mosque and an Islamic religious school of orphans torched : Eastern Burma

28th May 2013

Lasho, Shan
A mosque and an Islamic religious school were torched today in Lashio which is a town located in Shan State, eastern Burma.

The mob had gathered at the surrounding area of the mosque, which is the largest mosque in Lashio, located in No.8 quarter at 8 pm tonight and they set fire to the building at around 8.10 pm.

According to some sources, fire brigade did not take any responsibility upon late arrival of fire engines and not extinguishing. Fire fighters just simply claimed that they did not receive any further instruction to do so.

The mob moved on to the Islamic religious school and orphanage and set it on fire. That school gives shelter to more than 200 students.

M-Media correspondent reported that the tension appeared after the dispute between a man and a woman who had been set on fire and later it was spread out as the man is a muslim. Based on a local resident, our correspondent confirmed that the man is not muslim. The victim was admitted to Lashio hospital.

The authorities have issued Section 144 in Lashio in response to this.

In Lashio, there are five mosques and an orphanage. Around 1500 muslim families are residing in.

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