Updates on Anti-Muslim Violence in Lashio, Shan State

May 29, 2013

Anti-Muslim riot in Lashio that broke out yesterday got worse today despite the government’s announcement that the situation is under control.


Photo-Deputy information minister U Ye Htut FB

The riot began when a Muslim man from Kyaing Ton sprayed a Buddhist woman with gasoline and set her on fire. Yesterday evening, an angry mob burnt down 3 mosques, one school and various Muslim-owned houses and shops.

Deputy information minister U Ye Htut has been posting latest information on his Facebook consistently indicating that the situation is under control. But the violence only worsens today.

Two journalists were beaten up by the Burmese mob. One journalist was injured in the head and another beaten on the back. They were forced to give their memory cards to the mob, leading journalist communities to denounce the attack on the press.

According to the Irrawaddy, journalists are unable to access to information due to local authority and hospitals not cooperating with them.

Sao Aung Myat, the chief minister of Shan State was in Lashio today. While the minister and officials were having a meeting at a monastery (Dama Yeikthar), an anti-Muslim crowd screamed in front of the City Hall opposite of the monastery that Muslims must be killed.

Journalists were witnesses of the incident.

According to Muslim community journalists, the man who attacked the woman is alcoholic and suffering mental illness. His medical record shows that he is suffering from Persecutory Delusion (feeling threats from other persons) and Hallucination. He is on medication, but failing to take medicine regularly makes him a mentally challenging person. He has been admitted to different hospitals and he have troubles very often.

According to latest information, both communities clashed with each other today. There is at least one person dead.

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