The Muslim Man Burning a Woman in Lashio is Suffering from Chronic Alcoholism Behavioural Disturbance

May 29, 2013
News – KK
Translated by Aung Myo Hein

The man who burned the woman in Lashio is suffering from Chronic Alcoholic Behavioural Disturbance. Nay Win from the city of Kyaing Tong has the medical leave from the hospital. According to his medical record, his mental disorder results from over consumption of alcohol.

Nay Win used to work at the Airport before being fired due to alcohol addiction. His doctors has prohibited him from alcohol.

Due to psychiatric disorder and serious behavioural disturbance, he is sometime tied to the chair. His family convinces him not to work and travel.

His medical record indicates “Chronic Alcoholism with Psychiatric Disorder” that he experiences Persecutory Delusion and Hallucination.

In July last year, he went to Tachileik, a border town across Thailand’s Mae Sai, on a motorbike. He had an argument with local officials there. He was then taken to Tachileik hospital on July 18 for the treatment of his mental and behavioural illness for the fifth time.

His next treatment was at Kyaing Ton hospital.

He requires taking medicine regularly, but his failure to follow prescription results in serious behavioural problems such as the burning of a woman in Lashio.

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