Yar Zar Min Special Bus Was Robbed On the Way from Yae’ to Yangon

JUNE 9,2013

MON STATE: Last night at 9 PM Yar Zar Min bus heading to Yangon from Yae’ was being robbed and the driver was shot dead.

yarzarmin bus


According to the report, the Yar Zar Min bus which departed from Yae’ at 7 PM last night was robbed when it reached Thayattaw between Yin Nyein and Tha Htone around 9 PM. Two of the accomplices were disguised as passengers on the bus and when the bus approached Thayattaw, they let their team board on bus and pointed the gun at the driver and ordered to change the direction of the bus. The driver refused to change the route so was shot dead on the spot. The conductor who asked for compassion to let the passengers go was also shot in the mouth. Luckily the bullet went pass through the cheeks and the conductor was not killed. The robbers took the possessions and left but did not harm the passengers.

When the bus was robbed, the bus was full of the passengers. Now, Tha Htone police forces as well as the state polices are on the trail of the robbers and also doing investigations on the Yangon- Mawlamyein road.

“In Mon State, the anti Muslim groups are urging to boycott Yar Zar Min buses. Maybe robbing the bus is to frighten the public and prevent them from riding the bus in the future. Apart from that, they may think that most of the customers of Yar Zar Min are Muslims; so if they do like this, only the Muslims will suffer. However, the passengers on the bus at that night were mostly Buddhists. What I think is they are trying to scare us not to ride Yar Zar Min bus again” said by a local from Mawlamyein to M-Media.


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