Woman responsible for the incident accused of sparking the Oakkan violence gets prison sentence

June 17 2013
M Media

Oakkan:    : It is reported that the woman who accidently bumped into a novice monk causing him to break the lid of his alms bowl in last April, was sentenced 2 years in jail.

Ma Win Win Sein from Pa Ni Pin village, Oakkan and a woman accompanied her were charged by Oakkan police station under article 295/295(A). On June 5 2013, they were sentenced to 2 year hard labour at Taik Gyi Township court.

In Oakkan, the woman accidently bumped into a 11 years old novice monk breaking his bowl then the mob attacked and destroyed a mosque, an Islamic school, homes and shops of Muslims.

Although the woman who accidently bumped into a novice received prison sentence, not a single action has been taken against the mob that attacked and terrorized Muslims.

Until now, there are no charges nor trials for the terrorists who murdered 10 Muslims in Taung Goat, Rakhine in 2012 June and also for those who involved in anarchist terrorism in Rakhine (2012 October), Meikhtila (2013 March), towns in western Bago, Oakkan (2013 April) and Lashio (2013 May). Even though some individuals and groups are openly instigating hate crime, there is no action taken against them too. These one sided persecutions indicate that there is no rule of law in Myanmar.

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