A house owned by Muslim torched in Pantanaw

26th August 2013

A house owned by a Muslim family destroyed in Pantanaw township in Irrawaddy Division which is located in Irrawaddy Delta in lower Burma, M-Media correspondent reported.


“It looks like a problem started. Till now the town is in intense situation. But the locals are controlling each other.” said by a local on phone. He furthermore talked about the root of the problem was an argument between a Muslim family, recently moved in and a Buddhist family. While the Buddhist neighbourhood was listening the 969 sermon, one of the Muslims turned on the song. Then the argument started. The authorities and some executive members of religious organizations went on to the place and tried to persuade them. But the Muslim family was moved from the place and as the other side kept on demanding to set fire to the house owned by Muslim family, the authorities persuaded them by promising to be in accordance with their consent.”

Later this afternoon at 4.15pm, it was reported that the authorities and executive members of religious organizations permitted to torch the house. But the household items were moved over to the nearby mosque. The victims’ house was a small cottage located at Ye Hle street, No.9 quarter. It was reported that the group who demanded to torch the house were the Buddhist locals.

About 500 Muslim families reside in Pantanaw. There is only one mosque attached with Arabic school in the town centre.

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