An Islamic School in Yangon targeted in arson attempt



An Islamic school located at Quarter B, Thin Gan Jun Township in Yangon was targeted in an arson attack early on Wednesday morning and the attempt was discovered by the students as they stay at the school and some passers-by.

It was reported that the locals had tried to seize the man who apparently committed arson attempt but he escaped by a car. “At around 1.45am, one man had approached and threw a packet of flammable liquid followed by a flambeau to the building. That incident was seen by the residents of opposite building. As soon as they noticed, they had shouted and everyone woke up. The school has about 270 students. Most of them are resident students. There are two buildings in the school compound. The attacker targeted three storied dormitory. The other building is the resident for teachers”, said by one of the nearby residents.

Police have launched an investigation and now, the school is being guarded by the police.

Islamic School in Rangoon Targeted to Fire

Image- screen capture from Kamayut MediaTv

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