Rakhine State: Tha Byut Chyine Village under attack by Rakhine extremists

1st October,2013 (10:20 AM)


Early this morning, Rakhine extremists coming to attack Tha Byut Chyine village were driven off by villagers. However, after regrouping with more numbers and full force, they were now attacking and destroying the village. Muslim villagers were running away to escape and the whole village was in dire situation.

Absence of security forces makes extremists to roam around and terrorized the village at will. Thus, situation was getting worse and worse. Women and children were trapped.

A resident in Than Thwe told M-Media “I could sense that the attack to Thandwe was coming and so, sent my wife and children to Tha Byut Chyine Village. I thought that it is safer for them there. But they are desperately running away to save their lives. I keep talking to my wife on the phone and heard the whole village in chaotic and everybody is running away to save their life. My wife and children run to the forest to hide”

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