Malaysian Muslims to protest against blaspheming Islam during Myanmar anti OIC protests

November 25 2013


The demonstration will be held in Kaula Lumpur, capital of Malaysia by Malaysian Muslims for the insult towards Islam as a religion during anti OIC protest in Myanmar. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has paid an official visit to Myanmar by the invitation of the government of Myanmar last week.

The extremist nationalists led by Buddhist monks protested against OIC during its official visit to Myanmar on Nov 15 2013 in Yangon and other cities. During their protests, they held the vinyl poster written as “Oppose the Fast-breeding, Animal Doctrine Islam”.

During the press conference at MAPIM (Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization) office on 25-11-2013, it was announced that Malaysian NGOs will protest peacefully on 29-11-2013 in front of Tabung Haji Masjid, Ampang Park, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia as they believed that these words were not concerned with the visit by OIC leaders rather it was the direct insult and blasphemy towards Islam.

Buddhist monks carrying banners “Oppose Islam: Ideology of animals with high breeding rate” on the street of Yangon during the anti-OIC protest amide OIC ( Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) )visit to Myanmar for humanitarian aid.

Buddhist monks carrying banners “Oppose the Fast-breeding, Animal Doctrine Islam” on the street of Yangon during the anti-OIC protest amide OIC ( Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) )visit to Myanmar for humanitarian aid.

The protest will be organized by Malaysian NGOs under the title of The Coalition Against Religious Extremism in Myanmar (CAREM) and will strongly condemn the defamation of Islam by Buddhist monks, Mr. Cikgu Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid, president of MAPIM and a leader of CAREM said during the press conference.

He requested all the participants to take part in the protest peacefully and not to insult other religions and ethnic groups. He said that Muslims are not allowed to abuse others even though they showed strong disrespect for our religion and we needed to show the world that our religion was strongly insulted by those extremists. He also expressed that CAREM don’t want such kind of insult to happen again. Mr. Cikgu said that the representatives of CAREM will deliver the Memorandum of Protest to Myanmar Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and send the copies to UN, ASEAN, other organizations and Islamic countries.

Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) issued a statement on November 16 2013 condemning the use of strong abusive words against Islam in the protests which were said to be anti OIC.

Here is the joint statement by CAREM issued in the press conference.

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