Coalition of NGOs urge government rethink ties with Myanmar MOHD. Hassan has pointed

29th November 2013
Photo-Zaw Lwin Moe


Kuala Lumpur 29 November – Combination of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Malaysia against religious extremists in Myanmar (Coalition of NGOs) urged the government to re-establish diplomatic relations and trade with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Koordinatornya, Mohd. Azmi Abdul Hamid said the government should stand firm as a result of direct visits Myanmar ignores the ASEAN Declaration and against the spirit of religious extremism in the country. “Recent, religion insulted by Buddhist monks where they held a street protest on 15 November when the presence of representatives Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to the country to observe the situation of Muslims there. “Even worse, one of the banners at the protest also said” oppose Islam, the animal-like Which religion has high reproductive rate ‘( about Islam, a religion like animals with a high birth rate), up to this point, but Myanmar remains silent and did not do anything, “he claimed.

Speaking to reporters after handing over a memorandum from the head to the Embassy of Myanmar NGO Coalition on the Road Ampang Hilir here today, who also attended the Youth Pass Center, Suhaizan Kayat. Memorandum of the Coalition of NGOs that could not be delivered to any representative of the Embassy of Myanmar and only put in the mailbox of the embassy only. Mohd. Azmi, who is also the president of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) also insist that Buddhist monks have committed a terrible crime of contempt of a major world religion.

“We are protesting the action. We want an association of Buddhist monks applicable to apologize to Muslims around the world. If not then the representative of the OIC in Myanmar, we can receive, but not to the extent of insulting Islam. “We also want the Malaysian government to act firmly to stand against diplomatic and commercial relations with Myanmar. “In fact, we also want the government to rethink ASEAN urges Myanmar’s membership, which also said the organization will chair next year “If Myanmar is still quiet, we also urge the Malaysian government ordered the athletes who will participate in the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar month Front not to join us in protest against the torture of Muslims in the country and even Buddhist monks outrage against Islam, “he said. – STAR ONLINE

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