Myanmar sets up commission to investigate Ducheertan incident; Mentioning the outcome before investigation put Commission under pressure

7th Feb 2014

Presidential office issued the statement of setting up “investigation commission” for Ducheertan massacre which was highlighted in international news reports. The statement was issued on 6th of February and signed by President Thein Sein.

Observers believe that the formation of investigation commission was probably the outcome of meeting between representatives of Human Right Watch and President Thein Sein a few days ago. As Myanmar government continually denied International media reports of all the previous incidents in Rakhine state, the government again accused International media and UN for falsely reporting on Ducheertan incident.

However Myanmar government was not able to produce any reliable evidences to prove their accusation regarding UN and international community reports on the incident. The recent formation of investigation commission under the pressure of HRW revealed that they accused UN and International media without knowing what was really happened in Ducheertan.

Furthermore, paragraph (C) of the statement says, “to probe false and groundless report of Ducheertan west village fire and who made the reporting”.

This clearly puts undue influence on investigators to produce manipulated outcome wanted by government, even before investigation is conducted.

The following is the full text of statement regarding investigation commission formation.


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