Anti-Muslim hate speech dominated in South Okkalapa religious sermon; Situation stable amidst online rumors of possible terrorist attacks

9th Feb 2014
M Media

On Feb 9th, rumors spread on social media that some people at South Okkalapa religious sermon carrying sticks and knives were getting ready to attack Muslims in the area.

However, M-Media got confirmation that the situation was stable and no such terrorist activities were seen. On 9th evening, news circulating among online users that about 300 people from South Okkalapa 7th Quarter religious ceremony were preparing for terrorist attacks and they were carrying knives and sticks.

A Muslim from South Okkalapa told M Media that that day was the last day of 5 days religious sermon program and the whole program was dominated by anti Muslim hate speeches. As that day was the last day, Muslims took precaution and closed their shops early. He also said that the authorities also requested the organizers of that sermon to avoid any speech which can create misunderstanding towards other religions and to preach only the true teaching of Buddhism. He added that security forces were there to prevent any disturbances.

He emphasized that the situation in South Okkalapa was stable and not like what was spreading online.

During the democratization period, religious based terrorism emerges in the country and 969 sermons conducting throughout the country deliver hate speech against Myanmar Muslims citizens. The government fails to take control over such hate crimes which could eventually destroy peace and tranquility in the country by creating disharmony and disunity among fellow citizens.

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