U Thein Win Aung responds to U Wira Thu’s comment that Muslims were pitiful because of their foolishness

6th July 2014
U Thein Win Aung
Khalifah U Thein Win Aung, the leader of an Islamic Sufi order in Mandalay, who was the representative of Mandalay Muslim Community, responded to U Wirathu’s comment that Muslims were pitiful because of their foolishness.

“What the Venerable U Kawiya said is true. As soon as the violence broke out I called the Venerable and he told me to be ready with four cars and I did as he request,” U Thein Win Aung said.

“All people being present paid homage to the Venerable. Although they knew I am a Muslim they did nothing harmful to me at all. We were together for two nights. When we took the Venerable to mosques I took responsibility for his safety. If anything bad happened to the Venerable I would give my life in defense of him.”

“There were two cases in Thoe Gyan issue. The man whom was caught in Thoe Gyan was the man named Moe Ko. A member of a Buddhist organization also helped in catching him. In the other case, someone was being beaten in a liquor house in a fight at 53rd or 59th Street.”

“On facebook this two separate cases are made up to make one story that leads to misunderstanding. We have very few human resources. Without the Venerable’s help we cannot do anything. The prime minister also requested all religious groups to work together to restore peace. Without the Venerable’s help we will be crashed. We don’t have enough money. We don’t have power either. I borrow Sayadaw U Wirathu’s word in this case (Responding to U Wirathu’s comment that some groups take dollar from foreign organizations.)”

“We cannot do great things but if anything happens we will cooperate with the Buddhist monks and try to restore peace. We did it in Meihtila, Htankone, Lasho together with these respected monks. We also succeeded too. Mandalay City became stable again because of these respected monks’ kindness and perseverance. All these problems happened because of the campaign for constitutional amendment.” “All the culprits in this violence are drunken, riding forty to fifty motorcycles and inciting other people to stage violence attacks. Myanmar is peaceful and Burmese are good nature.”

“I am also a pure Burmese. When I went to study in Egypt and make a pilgrimage to Mecca, I took preserved Myanmar roselle leaves. In brief, it is true that Islam exists harmoniously in the country as Myanmar people care it. Mandalay is the heart of Myanmar. I’d like to say to Sayardaw U Wirathu that nonetheless, in case the respected monks did not participate in restoring peace in the issue of burning down the whole Mandalay under dirty political trick in Myanmar, not only Muslims but Buddhists will become pitiful as well.”

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